Why we built this

Retreat Centers want to know how well their retreats are doing and how much money they're making from each retreat.

What it is

Programs Revenue and Bed Nights metrics are available for each Program you run. 

Program Revenue is how much money/revenue you've made on each retreat, from paying guests. Bed Nights is a hotel metric used to track occupancy of your retreat center.

How it works

Where to find these metrics

1 - You can access Program Revenue and Bed Nights from the Programs area of Retreat Booking Guru. Be sure to open your screen options and select these as columns to have them show up in your Programs Chart. 

Note: these metrics are automatically calculated once a day (overnight). If you want a real-time update, hit the "update revenue" button under the Programs Chart.

- Program Revenue & Bed Nights are also available within each Program, under the Information Tab

3 -  Program Revenue & Bed Nights are also available in the Transactions area, when you use the filter called "Show Totals & Summary". Here, Bed Nights are referred to as "Nights Sold". 

How Is Program Revenue and Bed Nights calculated?

Program Revenue

  • This metric is the revenue made from a program so far, the sum of all registered guests' bills. 

  • This is NOT what they've paid already, it's their total bill.

Bed Nights

  • This metric is how many beds you have filled for the number of nights they're filled

  • Ie. a 10 night program with 10 guests taking up 10 beds would be 100 bed nights

  • This doesn't include cancelled guests or registrations that have been deleted

  • This only includes guests who've been assigned a Lodging Type that has rooms associated with it. (so guests not staying in rooms won't count).

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