Note: by default only those with Registrar level access will be able to use the Team Member feature. Retreat centers with custom user roles may adjust this, on request. 

You can access the team members dashboard under My Account in the admin side menu.

Team Members List

On the main team members page you can see a list of all the staff user accounts on your app. 

At the bottom of the list you can see how many additional team members you can add to your account.

Edit Team Member

You can edit team members by clicking into them from the list page.

You can change the email, reset the password, and change the display name for the team member.

You can change the Permission to change the permissions that the team member has.

You can also send out an email to the team member that has login information and instructions by checking the checkbox.

At the bottom of the page, you can Update the team member, and if the checkbox is checked, this will trigger the email to be sent.

Add New Team Member

You can add new team members at the top of any of the Team Member pages.

Or from the Team Members menu.

Just enter in the team members desired login credentials, permission level, and details. If you leave the password blank, a random password will be automatically generated and sent in the email to the team member when the new team member is added.

If you do not want to send an email to the new team member, just uncheck the checkbox.
To add the new team member, just click the Add New Team Member button at the bottom of the page.

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