Why we built this

Retreat centers often have small stores or restaurants onsite. Their selection of items isn't big enough to warrant an integration with a full-scale POS (point of sale) system that tracks inventory. What they value is being able to quickly add things to a customer's existing bill and charge the guest's credit card on file, while that guest is on retreat. 

We built this so retreat guests can have an easy cashless experience on retreat, and so front desk, restaurant and store staff can save time and charge consistent prices for items they sell onsite.

How it works

Setting up your POS (Point of Sale)

In Reg Settings > Transactions you can set up your POS under the Transaction Categories section.

Here you can include a title, price and transaction category for each item in your POS. You can also colour code items to create categories (ex. Blue for snacks, Red for drinks, Yellow for books).

You can re-order items in your POS by dragging and dropping them, using the icon on the left of each item. 

Using your POS

To use the POS and add items to a guest's bill, go to a registration (participant dashboard). Under the Registrations Transactions you'll see a button to open POS

Within the POS you can add one or multiple items. The appropriate taxes will be calculated for each item. You can also search your POS by typing in the top bar.

When you're done adding items, confirm your changes by clicking on the orange, "add items" button to add them to a guest's bill. A new transaction will be created.

The new items will also show up on the guest's bill, the guest statement. 

Making a Payment

You can then add a payment immediately by charging the guest's credit card on file, taking cash, or waiting until the guest's departure to charge a final balance, depending on your retreat center's policies. 


To learn more about how often certain items in your POS are being purchased you can run transaction reports, filtering by transaction category (ie. Books, Drinks, Snacks) or by the description (title) of an individual item. 

This feature is included isn't included in our base features but can be added as a package, for additional cost. Check out our
pricing page or contact us to learn more.

This tool does not include inventory management. 

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