Note: this functionality isn't included in our base plans but can be added as part of a bundle. Check out our pricing page or contact us to learn more.

Why we built this

Our advanced discount features will help centers attract new guests with different promotions including limited time & use discounts. 

We built a start & end date for discount codes so you can plan ahead. No need to remember to turn a discount code on or off. 

We built a maximum usage quantity for discount codes so you can create urgency in your promotions and limit the number of people who get a special deal.

How it works

You can set up discount codes in Reg Settings > Discounts. Both limited time discounts and limited use discounts can be set up by expanding the "advanced discount options" section of each discount code.

Limited Time Discounts

Set a Start and/or End date for your discount code.

When a start date is set, the discount can only be used after 12:01AM (midnight) on that date. So in the example above someone could only use the discount at the start of the day August 8. 

Similarly for setting an end date, the discount code can be used up until 11:59PM of the set date. In the example above, that'd be right until the very end of the day on August 31. 

If a guest tries to use a discount code too early or one that's expired on their registration form, they'll get a message "The discount code is not valid for these dates". The guest will also be informed when the code expired or when the code will become usable.

Limited Use Discounts

Set a maximum usage quantity, or the maximum number of times a discount code can be used for your discount codes.

This can facilitate promotional campaigns like "the first 100 guests get $100 off their retreat".

Once the discount code has been used its maximum number of times, guests will get a message if they try to use it, "This discount code is not valid: Maximum quantity reached". 

You'll be able to see how many times a discount code has been used. In the example above it shows "2 used"; if you want to see more info on who's used them and when, just click on that link to see a registration report filtered for those who've used the discount.

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