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Introducing, the Participant Roster for teachers. It's a shareable public link to a printable list of participants of a retreat & important info about them.

Why we built this

Often retreat centers run their own programs with visiting teachers, leading the program content. The retreat center manages all the registrations coming in for the retreat, and hosting the guests. But the visiting teacher needs some information about the participants registered for their retreat so they can prepare for their program accordingly. 

How it works

Turn on the Participant Roster for any program by going in to edit the Program. Go to the Advanced Tab, and look for the "Participant Roster" section. Enable the roster and save the program.

Access & view the Participant Roster with the "Participant Roster button (it will open the roster in another tab). Or automatically copy the link to send to your visiting teacher with the "Get participant roster link +" button. 

Anyone with the link can access this participant roster. Each program your retreat center hosts will have its own link.

The Participant Roster will show you a list of everyone currently registered for the Program. Its always updated automatically, real-time. When a new guest registers, they'll automatically be added. Or if someone updates their email, the Participant Roster will reflect it, right away.

You can print the Participant Roster via "Print Options", where you can also remove any column you're not interested in seeing or printing.

To add or remove what columns and information show up automatically on your Participant Rosters, go to the Questions area of Retreat Booking Guru. Edit or Create a question and checking the "Add to Participant Roster" box, in the Reporting section.

That's all for now! 

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