If you don't have a huge amount of programs to manage all the time, sometimes the simplest way to integrate with Retreat Guru is to build your program content on your website.
 Wix is a great tool for building good looking content, and building your own program listings on Wix will guarantee you get the results you're looking for.

Here's how you can do it.

Step 1 - Building your program information pages

If you have lots of content to share about your retreat programs, you can put all of that content here.
Photos, program description, schedules, dates, Q&A etc

Finding the link to the program registration form

It's important to add a link to the booking software program registration form, to take guests registrations and secure payments.
You can get that link by copying the url from the "Register as Guest" button in the booking software program edit page, or program list page.

Program edit page

Program list

Then copy the URL

Setting up a simple page

Now we need a page to display all the program content, so let's set one up.
Here is a screen capture of how you can set up a simple page in Wix.

Adding a register button

Make sure you add a button to take the guest to the registration form.

Here's how you can add a registration button in Wix.

And that's all you need to do for a simple page.

If you have a lot of content you'll need to create a page like this for each program.

If you don't have very much program content, you could choose to skip making a single page and just display a gallery of program "cards".
See below for more info on how to do that.

Creating a program listing page

Now you will likely want to create a single page that lists a smaller amount of content for each program, like an "Upcoming Program" page that shows all the retreats you have in the near future.

Wix has a great feature called a "Repeater" that allows you to easily create good looking lists of content that is suitable for our needs here.

Here is a screen capture of how to do this in Wix.

This example is using a blank new page.

Once you have your Repeater created you can edit the content as you want.
In this example the book now button is linked to the Example Program page we made in the earlier in this article.
But there could also be a button right to the registration page.
If you don't have very much program content, you could choose to skip making a single page and just display a gallery of program "cards" using this Repeater, and link right to the registration page.

Managing the program list with Wix

You can use the Manage Items button to access more advanced features like sorting the list items, and duplicating items.
You can also set it up to "show data dynamically", which in this case just means showing the same list in multiple different places, without having to copy to over manually, which would be big hassle to keep track of.

Showing the same list in multiple places

You might want to show this same list on more than one page on your website, and Wix has a way of doing this so you don't have to keep track of multiple copies of the same list.

You will need to create a database collection and add the program information you will want to display in your repeater.

Then you can use your repeater to display the same program information in different places.

For more information, see Displaying Database Content in a Repeater.

Here is a help article from Retreat Guru on how to set up a Wix database collection for program listing

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