Once you have your program listing pages set up in your Wix website (see this help article to learn how), you might want to show that program list in multiple different places.
If you copy the list in multiple different places, you will have to keep track of all the different places and keep all the lists up to date. That's not going to be fun.
Wix has a great solution for this called Database collections.

Here are some help articles from Wix for more.

Database collection
Displaying Database Content in a Repeater

And here is a step by step tutorial on how to set up program listings.

Set up your Database Collection

Go to Add -> Database, and click to add Database collections to your site.

When the page reloads you should have the database icon in the edit menu.

Now you can create a new Collection.
I created an example collection and added column headers (see in the screen grab I add a new column header, "description").
You can set the "Field Type" of a column to different types of data, like Text, Number, Date and Time, Image, etc

Adding new data to the collection

You can add new rows to add more programs, or you can duplicate an existing row, and then edit the content.

Once you are done adding your data you need to save the data, or "Sync" the data.
Click the Sync button, and choose "Copy all items".
The Sandbox data is a draft copy of updates you are working on, and the Live data will get hooked up to the program listings display and shown on the program listing page to the public.

Connect the data to the program listing repeater

Now that we have some data, we can connect this data to the Repeater (learn more about building your program listings Repeater).

Go back to the program listing page and now we can connect the Repeater to the database collection we created.
Click on the Repeater, then select the database icon.

 This will bring up a popup that lets you choose the data collection (called "Programs" in this example).
Now we need to connect each field in the Repeater to a column from our data collection.

Now we need to select each field in one of the "cards" and set it to the correct field in the dataset.
Once we have all the fields connected we can Preview the program listings page to see our handiwork.

Viewing the public program listing

Just click the Preview button to see how the data from the collection gets displayed on the program listing page.

There's a few problems with the display.

Trouble shooting display issues

A. date is not formatted very well
B. no $ sign on the price
C. no "Book Now" text

A. To solve the date issue, the best solution I found was just to use a Text field instead of a Date field. 

B. To solve the $ sign issue, we can do the same, and use a Text field instead of a Number.

C. To solve the no "Book Now" text, we need to connect a database field to the button label.
We need to add a new field to the database, and there is a handy way to add a new field, right from the page editor.

Click the button, click the database icon for the button. The dropdown to select a field for the button label, will also let you automatically create a new field in the database collection.

I have converted the dates and the prices to text fields, and added $'s.
Now we Sync the data and check out the Preview.
And we can now see the formatting is much better, and the buttons have text.

Syncing the Sandbox and Live Data

In the next screen grab example, the Sandbox data has 3 items, and the Live data only has 2 items.

We want to add the third program, and update any changes we make in the first 2 rows to the Live data. Again, click the Sync button, and choose.
"Copy all items".

If you mess up the Sandbox data while working on it Replace your Sandbox data with the Live data to get it back to normal.
Click Sync and then choose "Replace all items".

Importing Data

If you have a lot of programs you can import the program data from a spreadsheet file.
The Wix importer accepts .csv files, which is handy because that is the same file format that retreat guru programs export to.(more info on Exporting program data from retreat booking guru).

Here's how you can import a .csv into a Wix database collection. If you are importing into an empty collection, you will need to go through and select which columns you want to import. You will need to create a new column for the data. When you create a new fields, you can set the name, and the type.

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