What are marketplace bookings?

Marketplace bookings are guest bookings which originate from your listing page on the Retreat Guru marketplace.

How does Retreat Guru identify which bookings originate on the marketplace?

If a guest books via your marketplace listing, they have to click "secure your spot" on your listing page.  This tags that booking as having originated on the marketplace.

How do I know what bookings originated on the marketplace?

When a booking is from the marketplace, we add a little Retreat Guru logo against the guest name in the main dashboard page, and in the registrations page.  This makes it easy to see which bookings came from the marketplace.

How am I invoiced for these bookings?

Currently, each month we'll send you a summary of guests who booked via the marketplace. This also includes an invoice and credit card payment form.  Don't worry, we're building a new page in the "My Account" section of the app where invoices will be stored in future.  For customers who do payouts with Retreat Guru, we'll deduct marketplace invoices from payouts.

What if i don't think this is a marketplace booking?

We don't want to take credit for bookings that we didn't generate! If you believe that a booking came from another source, you can email support@retreat.guru with the booking details, and we'll update the booking information.

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