Did you edit your Programs on the retreat.guru site?

You should only ever make changes to your Programs from inside the Booking App that is found at the URL yourcentername.secure.retreat.guru.

We offer a free service to our Booking App clients, that pushes the Programs from the Booking App, to your retreat.guru profile. This happens once, every 24 hours.

To learn more about the differences between the Booking App, and retreat.guru see this help article:

From Booking Software to Retreat.Guru: How Does It Work?

If you change a Program in retreat.guru, when the update happens the system sees that the Program you edited in retreat.guru, is now different than the Program in the Booking App. So the system creates a new Program, which is pretty much a duplicate Program, except for what ever was changed, like dates for example.

To avoid this happening in the future, only edit your Programs from with in your booking app, then wait 24 hours and the Program will be updated on retreat.guru, without creating duplicate Programs.

To remove the duplication, you'll need to delete the original Program that was edited on retreat.guru. This is because the new duplicate Program is synced to the Booking App.

Caution! If you are dealing with Teachers or Centers then the old listing may have Reviews, and a high ranking score. If you have Reviews etc, contact us and we will handle it.

You can tell which is the original Program by looking at the ID numbers of the duplicates. The lower number is the original Program.

You can find the ID in the URL for the Program

You want to delete the older Programs, because they are no longer in sync with the Booking App.

Going forwards only make edits to the Program in the Booking App, and it will update on retreat.guru every 24 hours.

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