Using the Retreat Booking Guru Connect plugin you can add a Register Now button anywhere on your site using a simple short code.

Say you have a simple page with a Program Daily Schedule and you want to add a Register button at the bottom, as seen below.

In the page, just add this shortcode where you want the button to appear.

[register-button text="Register Online" program="4829"]

You can customize the text that displays on the button by changing the text inside the double quotes after text=

eg. text="Enter your custom text here"

You will also need the enter the Program ID inside the double quotes after program=

You can find the Program ID in the Programs list, in the same row as the Program you want, under the ID column.

Once you have set up the short code, remember to Update the page, and then you will be able to see the Register button when you preview the page.

This Register button will link to the Registration form for your Program, hosted by your booking system.

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