You can create a new Program from the Admin Sidebar

or from the "Add New" button on the Programs Listing Page.

Add a Title

This is the most important part! The title of your program will appear throughout your site. The system will also automatically generate a URL based on your program title. This can be edited by clicking on the 'Edit' button to the right of the URL.

Add a Description

The program description appears only on the retreat listing page. This is the area that you want to include all of the info about your retreat: location, schedule, how to get there… Everything! You can add images by clicking on the 'Add Media' button and for those more comfortable working in HTML, you can switch from 'Visual' into 'Text' mode (top right).

Add a Teacher

Simply select the teacher(s) that will be running this retreat from the drop down menu. Click 'Add another' to add another existing teacher from your teacher database, click 'Add New' to add a new teacher to your database. Click 'Remove' to remove a teacher that was selected.Note: The order in which you select the teachers is the order that they will appear on the listing!

Set the Dates

Fixed Dates

If your retreat has fixed dates, set the start and end dates here. The retreat listings are displayed with the programs starting soonest at the top of the list.

 Click the List until date link to control how long you want to display the retreat in your listings. The program registration will be disabled at the end of the day of the list until date. The default is that the retreat will no longer show up on your site and listings once the 'Start Date' is over.

Hotel - guest chooses their dates

If you are operating more like a hotel and allow guests to choose their own dates, select that option from the 'Dates' drop down. You can also set a minimum length of stay for the hotel dates.

On the front end registration from, this will open up two calendars where guests can select their desired arrival and departure dates.

Participant view:

Package - fixed length, guest chooses start

If you offer fixed length packaged event, select this option and enter the number of nights included in the package.

On the front end registration form, this will allow guests to select the start date for their package, and the departure date will be calculated based on the number of nights included.

Participant view:

Ongoing - dateless

If the retreat is ongoing with no fixed dates, select that option. Ongoing programs will always be displayed and no date will show.

Set the Price

The most simple pricing option is Single or multiple prices (based on specific criteria). Here you can have as many prices as you like and you can create a small description for each price. There are three other pricing options available, please refer to this article for more information.

Optional Items

In addition to the program price, you also have the option to add additional items to the price of the retreat. Enter the price, description and quantity. Click the 'Add Another' button to add more items. When a guest registers, they will have the option of selecting one of these items.

Early Bird Discounts

If you want to offer an early bird discount, turn the default setting from "Off" to "Active". Choose whether you want the discounted amount to be a percentage or an amount. Enter the % or amount of discount you are offering. Note: the discount only applies to lodging and not extra nights of lodging.

Follow the example to enter the number of days for which the discount will apply. (It will say in green in real-time whether the discount is currently in effect, as below.)

Use the text box to highlight the discount on offer. The text you enter in this box will appear at the top of the registration page and on the top right hand side of the program page. You can see more about how that will appear here:

Pay a Deposit

Select whether you would like guests to pay the total, a deposit only, or have the option of either. Deposits can also be set as percentages or as a fixed amount.

With a deposit in place, the participant will pay a portion (ex. 50%) in advance and the balance will need to be charged at a later date.

Registration Options

To allow participants to register online, select 'Is Open'. This option will make sure that your site shows the ‘Register’ button at the bottom of the program page, which will direct participants to the registration form.

By selecting 'Is Not Required/Closed', the system will hide the registration button on the programs page and hide the registration form.

You can include a note to explain the situation. The note you write will be shown in place of the registration button.

If would like to have participants register on another website, you can include the URL here. This will bypass the system's built in registration form.

Accepting Payment

If you would like participants to pay online, set 'Accepting Payment' to 'Is Enabled'. Set 'Accepting Payment' to 'Is Disabled' to disable online payment.

Max Person Capacity

Limit the number of registrations by entering a 'Max Person Capacity'. Leave this field blank if there is no limit. Once the limit has been reached, online registration will be disabled; however, you can use the special link below to 'always allow registration'. You can send a participant this direct link to override the system and allow an additional registration beyond the max capacity

Waiting List

If you would like people to continue signing up once the program is at capacity, enable the waiting list. You can then decide whether to allow anyone to register once a space opens up or 'Restrict registration to people on the waiting list'. You can also send a registration link to waiting list members if you would like the highest person on the list to have first priority.

The system either show the number of people on the waiting list, if there is no one, it will say 'The wait list is empty'.

Registration Fields

All of the fields you have created under 'Questions' will appear here. Just select which fields you would like to include in the form for this particular program. If you require the response to certain questions, select the 'Required' box.

You can add or delete questions in your question bank by clicking on the 'Manage questions' link.

Custom Registration Notice

The system will automatically send out a registration email once someone signs up. This is a templated email that is generated from the text under 'Reg Settings' -> 'Email' -> 'Registration Notification Email'.

You can add program specific information to that email template by including it here.

Pre-Arrival Email

In addition to the registration email, you have the option of sending another 'Pre'Arrival Email' to guests before the retreat begins. Set when you would like this email to go out, then enter your email subject and message. This email will be automatically sent to every participant in this retreat.


This option allows you to collect donations for specific causes. Registrants will be able to enter any amount they choose and this will be added to the cost of their retreat. Add more donation items or choose to 'Hide the donation form for this program'.

Program Categories

Use 'Program Categories' to sort your programs on your site. This makes it easier for users to find programs relevant to them. In the administrative control panel, you can select one or multiple categories which each retreat falls under.

You can add as many categories as you like by clicking the 'Add New Program Category' button.

On your website, the 'Program Categories' will look similar to a menu. Each of the titles will link to a page which lists all the retreats that fall under that category.

Set Listing Display

Featuring your programs on your site is a great way to make sure that they are seen first. There are three options:

  • Featured listings are highlighted on the homepage

  • Normal listings are listed, but not highlighted

  • Hidden listings are invisible until ready to post. For example, a yearly program is kept hidden for most of the year. Or, a program description that you are still working on will stay hidden until you’re ready to make it public

Program Notes and Color

These are notes only administrators can see. Participants do not have access to this information, it is only accessible via the control panel. The colour will display on the room bookings page. Colour code your programs by things like: status, program type or location.

Add a beautiful photo to your retreat listing here. Click on the 'Set featured image' link and upload a photo from your computer, from the internet, or from the website’s image database. This image will be displayed with the retreat listing throughout the website.

You can also add images into the body of the program, but it is important to have a featured image for each program. If not, your programs will look incomplete.

Make sure that you are adding a featured image that is the right size for your site. Also, make sure that your images are formatted as jpegs and optimized at 50%. Your image size should always be under 100k.

Publishing the Program

Once you have entered all the information into your program, you can Publish the Program by clicking the Publish button in the top right of the screen.

Now your Program will be displayed in your Front End Program listing, and customers will be able to Register for the Program.

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