Questions are your first personal contact point with the customer. They are the primary way you collect information during the registration process. They can also be used to design custom reports or track long term data about your return guests! 

In this article we will cover the basic options that are available to you when creating questions. You can access your existing questions or create new ones in the questions menu.

Click on an existing  question or click add new to bring up question options.

Question Name

The Question Name is very important, this is the question that guests will see on your forms. It is also used as the column name if you add your question to any reports 

Input Type

The Input Type determines how your customers will answer your questions. There are many different options: simple text, checkboxes, drop down lists, dates etc.

Input Options

Depending on the Input Type you select, different options will be displayed


For Question types like Radio Buttons, and Drop down, you will be allowed to enter multiple options for guests choose from.

Help Text

You can add helper text to assist guests in answering the question. It is best to only use this when necessary so you don't overwhelm your guests or clutter up your registration form.


There are many situations where you want to see a particular question in a report. Check the box to add it as column in the respective report

  • Registrations, Waiting List, or People Reports

 If you add the questions to these reports the you will need to select them from the screen options first.

  • Room Bookings Chart

The questions will display whenever you hover over a booking 

For more information about reports and their functionality. Check out the reports section of our help centre.

Default Status

You can set the default status of the Question to be Enabled and/or Required on your registration form by default. These settings will only be applied to newly created Programs.

Advanced Options

This allows you to add your questions to other forms or modify their visibility.  You may see other choices here depending on your software bundle. For more information check out our article on Advanced Question Options.

  • Include on Waiting List

 These questions will be included on your wait list form. This is a global setting that affects all of your programs. Wait list questions cannot be modified per program. If you check the box indicating that the program is Required by default on your registration form, it will be required on the wait list form as well.

  • Admin only 

These questions will only be visible to team members. Participants cannot see these questions

Save to

This check box determines how a question is saved to a registration.

  • Person

You can think of a Person as a folder of registrations for a guest. If you have a guest who attends 5 of your retreats you store their registrations in this folder. Saving a question to a person means that the question is saved to the folder. Each time the guest registers the previous answer is over written, only the most recent answer is kept.

  • Registration

This means the question is saved directly to the individual registration. If a guest registers for 5 retreats, the answer to the question is saved 5 times. Each answer is saved to the corresponding registration.

If you're hungry for more information on questions check out the questions category in our help centre. As always should you need additional support, contact your friendly neighbourhood support guru, we're here to help 💛

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