What are Optional items?

Optional Items are items or services (like an airport pick-up, massage, or yoga mat rental), that your guests can select, if they're interested, while registering for a retreat.

Why we built Optional Items

Optional items give the retreat center the opportunity to up sell their guests, while they're already in the process of booking their retreat. Optional items also give guests the flexibility to only pay for things they need while on retreat.

How Optional Items work

Adding & Editing global optional items (NEW May 2019)

To add or edit an optional item go to Programs > All Optional Items. Here you'll see a list of all the Optional items, across all your programs. 

From this Optional Items area you can add a new Optional Item by selecting "Add New", or you can click on any existing optional items to edit or delete them. 

When adding a new Optional Item you'll be asked to specify its details:

  • Title: This is shown to the customer on their registration form. It is also used internally when you manage Optional Items.

  • Description of the item

  • Price

  • Price type (either a per night price, or a total, fixed price).

  • Maximum quantity: The maximum number of this item that a customer is allowed to add on one registration form

  • Transaction category: The accounting category that this item is added to. You can add or edit transaction categories in Reg Settings > Transactions, if the applicable one doesn't already exist. Applying different Transaction Categories to different Optional Items means that you can assign different taxes for different items, and you can report on different categories separately (ie. Pull a report for all your "Spa" Optional Items separately from all your "Transport" Optional Items).

Once you've created an Optional Item then you can add it to any program you set up. Optional Items do not automatically get added to Programs. 

When editing an Optional item, the information will get updated in any program that Optional item has been added to. Ie. if you change the price of your massage add-on from $100 to $115, the massage price will be updated on all your retreat registration pages where you sell the massage. If you wish to ONLY update information for NEW Programs you create, then we suggest you create a new Optional Item.

Adding optional items to programs

When you create or edit a program, go to the "Pricing" tab to add an Optional Item to the Program.  

You can select the Optional Item(s) you want to add from the drop-down menu. 

You cannot edit an Optional Item from within any specific Program, only from the Optional Items area (Programs > Optional Items). 

Removing optional items

You can delete an Optional Item from the global list in Programs > Optional Items. When you do this, the Optional Item is not removed from any existing programs, but is prevented from being added to future programs.

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