Responsive Design

The plugin for non WordPress sites is optimized to work on a range of screen sizes. The implementation is meant to be minimal and can be overridden or turned off (see below) if you wish to have greater control. This feature is implemented on the table view and on the program details view. 

If your site is already built with responsive design, you may wish to turn off these options so that the views inherit the default behaviour of your site.

There are two advanced options that are available to turn responsiveness on or off:

rbgOptions: {


programResponsiveness: true,

tableResponsiveness: true


programResponsiveness when set to true, turns on responsiveness in the program details view on (default is true) 

tableResponsiveness when set to true, turns on responsiveness in the table view on (default is false)

Add these options according to the image below:

If your website is already responsive, you may want to set these options to false so that your site styles handles the responsiveness, or when you want to customize the behaviour of the responsiveness by hand.

Known Issues with Wix

If you are using Wix, please note these responsive/mobile limitations with their platform:

  • Wix embeds all third party apps with an iframe. This means that our plugin is unable to automatically inherit the site style. A workaround for this is to add a <style> and your own CSS into Wix’s “HTML Code” box (the same place where you added the snippet).
  • Wix is not fully responsive. When you resize the page, the iframe will remain the same size.  Wix does have separate a mobile view, however, because Wix embeds the plugin in an iframe, the viewing area may be limited in size (height in particular).
  • We will continue to monitor Wix’s progress and update our plugin once these features are addressed.
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