Note: this functionality isn't included in our base plans but can be added as part of a bundle. Check out our pricing page or contact us to learn more.

Some Retreat Centres get charged fees to process Credit Cards, or other forms of payment, that they'd like to recoup from their customers. On the customer's Guest statement (bill), Retreat Centres can now have a separate line item to indicate these charges.

Disclaimer: Please note that some card processors don't allow this type of fee.

How it works
This feature is an add-on. Any Retreat Centre can add this to their account for an additional monthly fee. Please contact Sales or Support to get more info.

If you have added this feature to your plan, you can enable it in the "Reg. Settings" under the "General" Tab.

You can specify what % you want added to your customers' bills/guest statement. (ie. you want to add 2%. On a $1000 Retreat Centre, the guest will be charged an additional $20.

You can also customize the description of the fee that will appear on the customer's bill (guest statement). You may want to refer to it as a credit card fee, a service fee etc.

When a guest registers and pays for their Program + add-ons, the fee will be added to their bill (see below). 

If you allow guests to pay by another method, like cheque or money order, where the fee would not apply, then the fee will not be charged. 

The Credit Card Fee is applied to current payment only, so if a deposit is being made, the fee will only apply to the deposit amount, not the full amount. When the guest pays the full amount later, they will be charged the credit card fee if they pay by credit card.

The Credit Card Fee will also be visible on the Guest Statement (Registrations > Click on the guest's name > Click on the "Guest statement" button). If the customer has a balance due, they will see the Credit Card Fee applied when they go to pay their balance. 

If you charge the balance due on a customer's profile, the credit card fee will also be applied

Avoiding the Credit Card Fee

If in one-off circumstances you do not want a customer to pay the credit card fee, there is a way to manually avoid charging them even when you have the feature turned on. 

Go into the Participant Dashboard (Registrations > select a registration). If you go to "Add a payment", and select "Credit card" the guest will not be charged a credit card fee.

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