Many people have requested increased options around the registration notification email. We listened and this is our response.

While creating or editing a program you can modify the 'Registration Email' by scrolling to the bottom of the program page. Here you will find under "Email Options" the ability to modify your registration notification email. The default is set to "standard email notification", which means that all guests who register for the program will receive the standard reg-notification email that you have created under Reg.Settings. 

Now you can also choose to create a custom registration-notification email by clicking on 'standard email notification' to open up the other email options and selecting 'custom email notification'. From here you can build out your custom registration email that will guests will receive upon registering for this particular program.

Finally, you have the option of sending no registration email notification. This way, when guests register for the program they will not automatically receive a registration-confirmation email.

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