*This feature is not available for all plans, please refer to http://bookingsoftware.guru/pricing/ for more information on the features included in your plan.*

Why we built this?

Retreat Centre administrators want to be able to keep track of changes that were made to their Programs. When did we increase the program capacity to 20 guests? Who accidentally moved the start date of the program up by a day? I think you get the point.

There's a change log for transactions, so why shouldn't there be one for Programs too!

How it works
You may have to have this feature added to your account, please contact us if you're interested.

You can access the Programs change log in Reg Settings > Change log, or by going to edit a Program > Information Tab (bottom right: "View changes log").

In the Change log > "Filters and Reports", select "Program" and apply the filter. Now you'll be able to see changes made to any program (tagged with the Program's unique identifier, the Program ID), along with the date of the change, who made the change and details of what was changed.

In the example below, you can see that on June 2, Olivia changed the capacity of Program 98 (7 Day Buddhist Meditation Retreat) from 16 guests to 20 guests.

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