Note: this functionality is isn't included in our base plans but can be added as part of a bundle. Check out our pricing page or contact us to learn more.

Currently Supported Languages:

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Vietnamese
  • Japanese
  • Norwegian
  • Russian

Other languages available on request, must be roman characters.

Why we built this:

We want to encourage people around the world to experience the benefits of going on Retreat. And not everyone speaks English! Now for Retreat Centres operating in non-English countries or with guests who speak other languages, Retreat Booking Guru can offer guests the option of registering for their Retreat in another language of their choice.

French Registration Form

Vietnamese Registration Form

The Details & Restrictions:

All interactions with a Retreat Centre Guest can be translated/multilingual, including:

  • The Registration form
  • The registration confirmation email
  • Any future emails to the guest (system will remember guest language preference)

The back-end of Retreat Booking Guru (where you set up Programs & Rooms, view registrations etc.) is only available in English. The Wordpress and Connect plugins are also only available in English (ie. must link your website's Retreat Page directly to the Retreat Guru multi-language registration page).

How to Use it

Step 1: Ensure the Multiple languages feature is activated on your account. Please contact us to learn about pricing and have this feature added to your account.

Step 2 Pick languages
Reg Settings > Themes > Languages 

Step 3 Create/Update Programs you'd like displayed multi-lingual on the registrations page 

  • When you sign up for the multi-language feature you will be provided language short codes. You will use these short codes anywhere you wish to display text in multiple languages. 
  • [en:] to open + english test, [fr:] french text, [:] to close: Always use the [en:] code to start, followed by the english text you wish to display. Then use the [fr:] or other language code second, followed by the other language text you wish to display. Lastly you must close your entry with [:]
  • Go to a Program you wish to display in multiple languages. Everywhere there is a text box with info that will display on the registration page to your guest, include the short codes and the text you'd like to display in both languages.
  • ie. the Title of the Program (see screenshot below)

Step 4: Create/update teachers, questions and lodging to be multilingual 

  • Update the text translations like you did in Step 3 but do so for your teachers, questions (that will appear on the registration form), and lodging (that will appear on the registration form).
  • ie. a Question

Step 4: Update emails to be multilingual
Reg Settings > Email OR edit a program > Email

  • You can use the same same short codes as above (ie. [en:] [fr:] [:] ) to have multiple languages available in emails
  • Retreat Booking Guru will remember which language your guest selected to fill out their registration form and will send emails in that language
  • The template codes (ie. {{first_name}} ,{{last_name}} ) will display in the correct language in the email your customer

Step 5: View your completed registration page 

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