What are Optional items & how do they work?

In addition to charging the program price, you can also have optional add-ons.

When you're creating or editing a program, you can add multiple extra optional items for the retreat under the Pricing tab. 

For example, airport pick up or cushion/mat rental, along with prices. When the registration is happening, the participant will be able to choose any of these add-ons.

You can add a photo, a title and a description to each optional item.

The optional items will appear on the registration form, and if the Max Quantity is greater than 1, a drop down will be provided to select the quantity.

Transaction Categories for Optional Items

You can set Transaction Categories per Optional Item by selecting a transaction category in the drop down menu. You can also add a new transaction category in Reg Settings, if an applicable one doesn't already exist. 

Applying different Transaction Categories to different Optional Items means that you can assign different taxes for different items, and you can report on different categories separately (ie. Pull a report for all your "Spa" Optional Items separately from all your "Transport" Optional Items).

Learn more about Transaction Categories.

Per night Prices for Optional Items

You can choose for add ons to be calculated on a per-night basis. Ie. If meals are a $20/day optional item and the guest choses to stay for 10 nights then the system will show the guest the Meals item for $200. If another guest is staying only 5 nights the system will show them the Meals item for $100.

The Guest will see this on the Registration Form (for their 10 night program):

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