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Advanced Shipping and International Returns | 3.7.0
Advanced Shipping and International Returns | 3.7.0

Learn more about advanced shipping, international returns, general bug fixes, and additional features from Release 3.7.0

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View Shipping Rates and Arrival Times When Selecting Shipping for a Return 

When creating a return through the admin portal, users can now have the option to select from different shipping methods. 

This equips customer service teams with the ability to select the fastest shipping option available or the most cost effective. Login to ReturnLogic Admin Portal and select "Create RMA" on the Originate page to use this new feature.

Add a Customs Form to a Return for Cross-Border Shipping

In our first iteration of more advanced shipping rules, you can now add customs information for cross-border shipping when creating a return in the admin portal. Login to ReturnLogic Admin Portal and select "Create RMA" on the Originate page to use this new feature. 

This functionality will be added to the Return Center in a future release, allowing shoppers to complete their own customs forms. For the time being, cross-border shipping labels with customs forms can only be created inside the ReturnLogic Admin Portal.

Supporting for More International Shipping Carriers

We can now support even more carriers in more countries. If you're interested in connecting to Canada Post, Royal Mail, Australia Post, and more contact our Customer Success team. We'll learn more about your shipping goals and help you get things configured.

Contact Customer Success to Enable International Shipping Carriers

Bug Fixes and General Improvements 

Easier to Update Billing Information

  • Previously to update billing information, an administrator would always need to reenter their credit card information. Now admins can update their billing address and card information independent of one another. 

Shipping Cost Discrepancy 

  • Resolved an issue where users would occasionally not be able to discount the entire shipping amount from the return, usually by a penny due to a rounding error.

Improved Error Messaging

  • Improved messaging when shoppers lookup their orders in the Return Center with their email address, order number, or order name. 

  • Added actionable notifications when shipping errors occur. 

Improved Metrics and Visualizations 

  • Improved sales numbers on the IQ Analytics dashboard. 

  • Optimized reports and graphs for speed and clarity.

We're here to help! Email us at or use the live chat inside the platform with any questions or feedback.

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