In ReturnLogic you have several options to help you handle the complex world of international returns. 

Set a Secondary Warehouse for International Returns:

You can add an additional return shipping address if you'd like to route all returns to one central hub.

Add an International Returns Shipping Address here!

The International Shopper's Returns Experience:

There are two ways that international customers can create returns in Return Logic.

1. Using the Return Center: International Customer Who Process Their Own Returns in the Return Center Must Bring Their Own Label: 

When a shopper who is outside of the USA creates a Return using your Return Center, they will complete the process like any other shopper. The only exception comes at the end where instead of a shipping label being generated automatically for them they will need to purchase their own shipping label to return the product to your warehouse. This is due to the complexities from customs.

2. **By a Support Agent in the Admin Area: Adding a Customs Form to a Return Shipping Label When Creating a Return in the Admin Area:

If you'd like to provide a return shipping label for a shopper returning a product from outside the USA you can manually create a Return (RMA) for them in the Admin Portal. 

  1. Click "Create RMA" on the Returns Originate screen.

  2. Search and select the order.

  3. Set the return type and return reasons.

  4. Select your international carrier, such as DHL, as the international shipping option.**

  5. Configure the Customs Form: Enter a detailed product description, Enter the Value of the Product, Set the Origin County (this should be the country where the product was manufactured), you can optionally set the Harmonized Tariff Schedule Code, Content Type, the individual creating RMA verifies this information is correct, and select create. The confirmation email is sent to the shopper and they can print a label.

  6. Complete the RMA

** This functionality requires a carrier account that supports international shipments to be added to your EasyPost account. To enable the third party shipping feature, please contact us at support@returnlogic.com and we can help you get things set up.

Block Exchanges for International Customers:

If you'd like to limit options for international customers to only refund, store credit, or warranty claims, you can do that by configuring your International Exchanges settings.

Generate Standard Labels or Return Labels for International Shoppers Only:

To help widen your carrier options, we allow you the option to create standard shipping labels for your international shoppers. Here's the main differences between Standard Labels and Return Labels:

  • Standard International Shipping Labels:

1) Seen as a 'New' Shipment by carriers.

2) Will always be billed on creation.

3) More carriers support cross-border standard labels.

  • International Return Shipping Labels:

1) Seen as a 'Return' Shipment by carriers.

2) Has the potential for scan-based billing.

3) Fewer carriers support cross-border return labels.

What Carriers Do Not Support International Return Labels?

This can vary by shipping label software. It is recommended to confirm with your shipping label software what carriers they support for international return labels. CanadaPost and DHL Express in particular are two carriers we'd recommend confirming if they are eligible for international return labels.

How to Configure These Settings:

Go to your Shipping Settings under Originate Settings. Scroll until you see the section titled "International Label Generation". Here you can choose either:

  1. Standard Shipping Label - All international shipping labels generated will be standard labels that are billed upon creation.

  2. Scan-Based Return Label Only - All international labels generated will be return labels that are billed upon scan. (Default setting)

Provide International Carrier Labels for Returning Shoppers:

If you'd like to provide return shipping labels for your international shoppers, we can  support even more carriers in more countries. This will allow your team to manually create the labels on the backend and include a customs form right on the label. If you're interested in connecting to Canada Post, Royal Mail, Australia Post, and more contact our Customer Success team. We'll learn more about your shipping goals and help you get things configured. 

If you have any questions about the answer above, feel free to email us at support@returnlogic.com.

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