Clicking a Product Image in Full Catalog Exchange Displays the Product Sizes: 

In the past when a shopper would click a product image while shopping for an exchange it would enlarge the photo for a closer view of the product. This caused confusion during the mobile experience. Since the product image is the largest item on the screen, it drew the most clicks from shoppers.

Now when the image is clicked, it displays the variant options for that product.

View All Products in the Exchange Search in the Admin Portal:

The Inventory Threshold is used to prevent shoppers from requesting products that might be out of stock during an Exchange. Historically this rule has been enforced both when the shopper creates the return in the Return Center and when the retailer creates a return in the Admin Portal.

Now when a retailer creates a return in the Admin Portal they have the option to override the Inventory Threshold and create a new Exchange order.

Enhancements to Customs Forms When Creating a Return in the Admin Portal: 

  • Customs form is now displayed for APO, DPO and FPO addresses.

  • Changing an address from domestic to international will cause the customs form to appear.

  • Changing an address from international to domestic will hide the customs form.

  • When no address is present on the original order, the option to add an international address will display the custom form and adding a domestic address will hide it.

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