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Mobile Friendly Shopper Experience | 3.9.0
Mobile Friendly Shopper Experience | 3.9.0

Learn more about the mobile friendly shopper experience and additional features from Release 3.9.0

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Watch the Release 3.9.0 Walkthrough Webinar Recording!

On March 31, 2020 Candra and Andrew from the ReturnLogic team hosted a live Release Walkthrough Webinar highlighting all the improvements covered in this release. Watch the recording of their session below! 

Key Updates in this Release Include: 

Mobile-Friendly Shopper Experience 

We've reimagined the return center experience with a mobile-first user in mind. Shoppers can now easily create a return and browse the full exchange catalog while on the go.

Order of Product Variants Will Match the Order in Shopify 

One of the common request we've received regarding the exchange process was that the product variants were not displayed in the desired order. We’ve corrected this. Variants will now appear in the same order as in Shopify.

*This feature will be rolling out on a store by store basis. To see where your store is in queue please contact

A Simplified Returns Experience

Your shoppers will now have a simplified experience. Each step in the process will require clear actions. After each action the shopper moves to the next step of the process. This creates a more streamlined experience on both the desktop and mobile views.

Direct Shoppers Back to Your Store to Continue Shopping After a Return

Returns are a natural component of a healthy ecommerce business. They're simply another cherished opportunity to engage your shoppers. 

That is why we've added a Call-to-Action Content Block on the Return Status page. You can add a custom image, header text, a body, and custom button text directing shoppers to your store with special offers.

Improved Shopper Experience During an Exchange

We’ve made it easier for shoppers to find exchange items.   

Shoppers can now click the "Shop Our Catalog" to browse the entire store catalog to find their ideal item they'd like in exchange. Selecting the enlarged image on the left side of the catalog reveals the variant options for the selected product making for a more intuitive mobile experience. 

Alternatively selecting "Find New Alternative" reveals the variant options for the product they're returning.

Drive Higher Exchange Cart Value

Things don't stop at simply turning more refunds into exchanges. We want to help you grow your cart value with shoppers making a return. 

Now you can add an additional Call-to-Action before the end of the review page prompting the shopper to add more items to their exchange cart.  

Moving Forward

This is just the beginning of many exciting updates to come. Your feedback is extremely valuable to us. Please try out these new features and enhancements, then let us know what you think.

We're here to help! Email us at or use the live chat inside the platform with any questions or feedback.

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