How do I Add A Return Policy to Final Sale, Exchange Exclusions, and Non-Returnable Items?

Learn how you can use Return Policies to control what products can be returned or what return options are allowed for specific products.

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Is there is a Final Sale in your future? Do you need to prevent returns on a specific product? Or do you need to allow only store credit and exchange, but not for refunds on a certain item? Return Policies allow you to have the option of selecting all your products, product categories, parent products, or even product variant SKUs to control which items can be returned and what the return options are.

You can make these changes on the Return Policies Settings page.

How To Add A Return Policy:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Returns - Originate > Return Policies

  2. Select "Add Policy"

  3. Give your return policy a name

  4. (Optional) Enable Start and End Date

    Note: These are not required to set up a return policy, but if they are selected, you have two options to define the date. You can either type it in manually following the format YYYY-MM-DD, or you can click on the calendar icon and select a date that way.

  5. Select which products will apply

    Note: You will now be able to create return policies that can restrict the return of specific variants all the way to extending the return period for an entire category.

  6. Enable each return type you would like to allow (If your products are Final Sale, do not select "Enable Returns").

    Note: The return window will default to the Default Return Policy under Return Types if nothing is entered here.

  7. Select "Save"

Prioritizing Your Return Policies:

Return Policies are prioritized using a drag and drop method. The Return Policy at the top of the page will rank the highest, then the second, and so on.

  1. Click and hold down on the policy you would like to change the priority of.

  2. Move that Return Policy to the priority level of your choosing.

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