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Product Rule End Dates | 3.11.0
Product Rule End Dates | 3.11.0

Learn more about product rule end dates and additional features from Release 3.11.0

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Key Updates in this Release Include:

Add an End Date to Product Rules:

Product Rules in ReturnLogic allow you to set products as non-returnable or control the return type options at a product specific level. You can now set a date range when your Product Rules should take effect. This enhancement can have a big impact on your business.

Let's say you're offering a one-time sale and you don't want items purchased within that sale to be returnable. All you need to do is add a tag to the product in Shopify, add a new Product Rule in ReturnLogic, select "no" under returnable, set the start and end of your sale, and save your rule.

Now if a shopper purchases the product within the set window they will not be able to return it, but if they purchase the product outside that window they can return the item.

Add a Shipping Line to Exchange Orders:

You now have the option to add a shipping line item to your Exchange Orders. This is particularly helpful for merchants utilizing a 3PL for exchange order fulfillment.

You can add a shipping line item to your exchange orders by navigating to "Settings", then the "Integrations" tab, selecting "Edit" under the Shopify integration, and adding your line item and cost at the bottom of the module. Be sure to save your integration after making your edits!

Phone Numbers Now Included on Returns (RMAs):

Sometimes it is just easier to pick up the phone and call a shopper. That is why we added the ability to sync phone numbers from Shopify orders into ReturnLogic. If you'd like to see a shopper's phone number, simple click the "Customer" tab on the RMA item screen and find Customer Phone number. No action is required to activate this feature.

We're here to help! Email us at or use the live chat inside the platform with any questions or feedback.

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