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Exchange Process Improvements | 3.12.0
Exchange Process Improvements | 3.12.0

Learn more about the improvements made to the exchange process and additional features from Release 3.12.0

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Refunding an Exchange Notification

If a shopper requests a refund for an exchange order you’ll now receive a message in Originate letting you know you’ll need to refund to the original order.

Many times when a refund for an exchange is requested, it’s not initially evident that the shopper is returning an exchange. This feature will make it easier for you to identify when a return of an exchange is occurring.

Control What Exchanges Are Allowed to Be Returned

What happens when a shopper tries to return an exchange? ReturnLogic has you covered! You can now have three options for dealing with returns of exchanges:

  • Disallow Returns

  • Only Allow Exchanges

  • Allow All Return Types.

How to Configure These Settings:

  1. Go to your policy settings under originate settings

  2. Under Multi-Exchange Return Policy:

  3. Select "All Return Options" if you want all return types to be available for returns of exchanges. NOTE: Your other policy rules will still apply

  4. Select "Exchange Only" if you only want shoppers to be able to exchange items on an exchange order.

  5. Select "No Returns" if you do not want shoppers to be able to exchange an exchange order.

Start a Return from Your Shopify Order Confirmation Emails and More!

Shoppers can now initiate a return by clicking a link inside any order-related emails. When a shopper realizes they'd like to return a product, they often return to the order confirmation email and reply. Adding a link to initiate their return right inside this email will reduce the returns-related support emails coming.

Example: How to Configure These Settings in Shopify:

  • To set this up you need to add the link to your Shopify Order Confirmation. In Shopify, go to Settings -> Notifications -> Order Confirmation. In this email template add a link that points to your return center similar to this template: <a href="{{email}}&order={{order_number}}">Click here for return!</a>

  • Where YOURSTOREDOMAIN is replaced with the name of your return center. The {{email}} and {{order_number}} fields will be populated by Shopify for each order. You may also replace “Click here for a return!” with your own copy.

  • If you use email lookup you can use this template that excludes {{order_number}}: <a href="{{email}}">Click here for return!</a>

Return Center is Easier for Shoppers: Initiate Returns Using Either Order Name or Order Number

It no longer matters if your store uses prefix/postfix on orders. Shoppers can now lookup returns with either the order number or the order number with a prefix/postfix (Order Name) meaning they're less likely to experience friction in the Return Center.

Exchanges will Default to Even Exchanges for Merchants Who Only Have Variant Exchanges Enabled

For those merchants who only utilize Variant Exchanges, these exchanges will now automatically default to an even exchange. This improvement will save customer service teams the additional step of adjusting a return.

Optionally Remove the International Address Message from the Return Center

If a shopper initiates a return using an international address it will display a message asking them if they’d like to change their address or continue with the return. Several merchants have expressed that this message confuses their shoppers, so you’ll now have the option to remove this message.

How to Configure These Settings:

  1. Go to your policy settings under originate settings.

  2. Under “Show International Exchange Disclaimer”.

  3. Select "Show Dialog" if you want the dialog to display and "Hide Dialog" if you do not want the dialog to display.

Payment Gateway Now be Visible in Originate

When viewing a return in Originate the payment gateway used for the order will now display on the left-hand side.

Other Enhancements:

  • Exchange Catalog are Now Sorted in Alphabetical Order

  • Add a Shopper's Phone Number When Creating an RMA in the Admin Portal

  • The Payment gateway used for the order will now be visible in Originate

  • Emails Updated on a Shopify Order Now Sync with ReturnLogic

We're here to help! Email us at or use the live chat inside the platform with any questions or feedback.

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