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Third-Party Warranties | 3.13.0
Third-Party Warranties | 3.13.0

Learn more about Third-Party warranties and additional features from Release 3.13.0

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Watch the Release 3.13.0 Third Party Warranty Webinar Recording!

On October 1, 2020 Austin and Jerica from the ReturnLogic team hosted a live Release Walkthrough Webinar highlighting the features included in the newly released Third Party Warranty tool. Watch the recording of their session below!

Process Third Party Warranties

Do you sell on Amazon and other big box merchants? Great news! Now shoppers can submit a warranty return for an order purchased outside of Shopify. Here's how it works:

  • Shopper selects "Did you purchase from a retail partner?" on your Return Center.

  • Shopper fills out purchase information & product return information.

  • Your Customer Service Team then processes the warranty inside Originate.

How to Configure These Settings:

Go to your third party warranty settings under originate settings

  1. Third Party Warranty Enabled - Select "Yes" if you want this feature enabled or "No" if you want this feature disabled.

  2. Third Party Warranty Authorization - Select "Manual" to let your Customer Service Team review requests before authorizing or "Automatic" to let requests be authorized upon creation.

  3. Product Image Collection - Choose to require, make it optional, or not allow shoppers to upload an image of their purchased product.

  4. Receipt Image Collection - Choose to require, make it optional, or not allow shoppers to upload an image of the receipt from their original purchase.

Note: All Third Party Warranty Returns will instruct shoppers to purchase their own shipping label.

Redesigned Status Tracking in the Return Center

Shoppers no longer need to reach out to customer service or check with shipping carriers about the status of their return with our redesigned status tracking. They can monitor each stage of the return process on the Return Center Status Page. As a default, shoppers are sent a link to the Status Tracking page in their RMA Success Email.

Pro Tip: Since shoppers will be repeatedly visiting your Return Center Status Page, up-sell them by enabling your Call-To-Action Content Block.

Improved Exchange Experience when a Returned Product is Out of Stock or Not Available:

If "Variant Exchanges" are enabled, shoppers will be unable to request an exchange if the product is below your set exchange inventory threshold or if an exchange exclusion tag exists for that product. If "Full Catalog Exchanges" are enabled, shoppers will be prompted to choose another product when selecting the "Select New Alternative" button if a product is below the inventory threshold or has an exchange exclusion tag.

Prevent Unfulfilled Products from Being Returned

Decide whether to allow or prevent shoppers from initiating the return process if their product isn't marked as fulfilled in Shopify.

How to Configure These Settings:

  1. Go to your policy settings under originate settings.

  2. Select the "Advanced" dropdown at the bottom.

  3. Find "Enable Returns Before Fulfillment".

  4. Select "Enable" to allow shoppers to create a return for a product that has not yet been fulfilled.

  5. Select "Disabled" and, if a product has not been marked as fulfilled, the shopper will be unable to create a return. Note: If an order line item is partially fulfilled, the order line item will only be returnable up to it's fulfilled quantity.

Add Advanced Logic to Your Email Notifications

Use If and When logic to send different messages to shoppers based on the Template Variables. For example, adding in the follow logic will allow specific verbiage to only be shown to shoppers who selected an exchange:

{{#when returnMethod "=" 'Exchange'}}
<p>You can expect your new items in 5-10 days</p>

Additional Data Added to RMA Items Report:

The following fields have been added to your RMA Items Report:

  • Tracking Number - The tracking number for the return.

  • RMA Total Amount - The total dollar value applied to the return type. For instance, if the return type is refund and the RMA total amount is $40, then a $40 refund was issued.

  • RMA Total Discount - If an order line item was discounted on the order, how much of that discount was applied to the return.

  • RMA Total Shipping - How much of the return shipping was deducted from the return type.

  • RMA Other Fee Amount - Any additional fees that were applied to the return type.

We're here to help! Email us at or use the live chat inside the platform with any questions or feedback.

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