How to Set Up the ShipHero Integration:

1. Log into ShipHero and go to My Account → Users and click the “Add Third Party Developer” button.

2. Fill out the information and you’ll get a Refresh Token. Write it down.

3. Go to My Account → Warehouses. Click the Settings button next to the warehouse you want your returns to go to.

4. Next, write down the warehouse ID at the end of the URL:

5. Go into your ReturnLogic Settings and select the Integration page.

6. Choose 3PL as your integration and “ShipHero” from the dropdown.

7. You’ll be asked for the Refresh Token and the Warehouse ID.


  • ShipHero can be configured to automatically assign your warehouse. If we encounter an error attempting to notify that warehouse that a return is coming, we will attempt to use the warehouse ID that ShipHero assigns to your order.

  • ShipHero requires SKUs on returned line items. If you do not have a SKU, we cannot send them to ShipHero.

  • If the warehouse accepting returns does not have the product in stock inside ShipHero, an error might be generated. Please make sure all products that you accept for return are inside your ShipHero warehouse before enabling this integration.

If you have any questions, contact ReturnLogic Support at

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