The ReturnLogic API enables developers to send up-to-date returns and refunds data into the platforms you need to run your business. Follow the steps below to generate a Private App and API Key for your Development Team!

How To Generate a Private App and API Key:

1. Navigate to Settings > Applications > Private

2. Click “New Private Application”

3. Input the APP Name, a Contact Email (best contact), and click "Save"

4. Copy the API key that’s displayed on the screen, and store it in a secure location. After closing the popup you will not be able to view the API key again. If you forget your API key you will need to create a new private app.

Common Use Cases:

  • 3PLs & Warehouse Management Systems: Create returns in your WMS so that your warehouse team knows what to expect and when (one-way integration). Have the WMS send ReturnLogic of when items have been received (two-way integration).

  • ERPs & Inventory Management: Automate your accounting and inventory processes.

  • Business Intelligence: Pull your returns data into a BI tool to remove silos in your data analysis.

Common Questions:

  1. How long does an API Key last? - An API Key does not expire and will last indefinitely. Only when deleted will the API Key no longer work.

  2. Where can I access the API Documentation? - You can view ReturnLogic's API Documentation here!

  3. I have multiple ReturnLogic Accounts. Can the same API Key access all of them? - No. An API Key can only belong to one account. If you have multiple accounts, you will need to generate an API Key per each account that you want to have access to the API.

For more answers, check out ReturnLogic's API docs.

If you have any questions about the answer above, feel free to email us at support@returnlogic.com.

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