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Third-Party Warranty & API Features and Improvements | 3.19.0
Third-Party Warranty & API Features and Improvements | 3.19.0

Learn about Third-Party & API features and improvements and additional features from Release 3.19.0

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General Features and Improvements

1. View Filtered Lists From the RMA Homepage Link

With the new release, all the numbers on the Homepage are now clickable and will take you to a filtered list view of all those RMAs!

How It Works:

  1. Select on your desired filter list (I.e. New RMA's, Received RMA's, Etc..)

  2. You will be taken to the desired filtered list that applies.

2. Shipping For Warranty Draft Orders

You can now automatically add shipping to all newly generated warranty orders.

How to set it up:

  1. Navigate to the Integrations page.

  2. Click "edit" on your Shopify Integration.

  3. Under "Warranty Order Confirmation" at the bottom of the pop-up, add a "Shipping Line Title" and "Shipping Line Price"

  4. Select "Save".

3. Add Images When Creating a Return Manually

You can now add images to RMA's when creating returns on behalf of shoppers within Originate.

How It Works:

  1. Click "Add Image.

  2. Select an Image.

  3. Once you have successfully uploaded the image, you should see a link to the image underneath the add item button with a link to remove the image.

  4. Complete the rest of the process as you normally would.

4. Save Internal Notes At Any Time During a Return

Previously, a Customer Service team member was unable to save notes when an RMA was completed, unauthorized, or receipt validation was enabled and the Warehouse team had yet to receive the return. This can now be done at any step in the returns process.

Note: Internal Notes will autosave as you type. Wait for a "saved" indicator to appear before leaving the page.

Third-Party Warranty Features and Improvements

1. Third-Party Warranty Product Write Ins

If a product no longer exists in your catalog, or a shopper is struggling to find their product during the third-party warranty process, shoppers are now able to add details about their purchase instead of finding the exact product.

How to Enable Third-Party Warranty Write Ins:

  1. Under "Can't Find Your Product Write-In Option" select "Yes"

  2. Select "Save Draft" and "Publish Settings"

How Third-Party Warranty Write Ins Work in the Return Center:

  1. When adding a product to a Third Party Warranty claim, the message "Can't Find Your Product?" will appear at the bottom of the page. Shoppers will be able to initiate a product write-in by clicking this message.

  2. The shopper will be instructed to add a product name, description, and image.

  3. Next, the shopper will need to add a return reason and comment.

  4. Once this is done, the shopper will select "Continue" and "Finish" and their Third-Party Warranty claim will be submitted.

How Third-Party Warranty Write Ins Work For the Customer Service Team:

  1. A Customer Service team member will first be prompted to verify the returned items.

  2. A Customer Service team member will need to select the appropriate product from the catalog or add a custom item.

  3. Once the appropriate product or custom item has been added, select "Save".

How to Adjust the Product Write In:

  1. Select "Change Product Write-In" next to the product write-in that you would like to adjust. Note: This will only be available when a product has been added to a return as part of a product write-in.

  2. Select the appropriate product from the catalog or add a custom item.

  3. Select "Save:

2. Finding all Third-Party Warranties Containing an Unverified Product

  1. Navigate to your Originate or Collector homepage.

  2. Select the "Show:" dropdown.

  3. Select "Only Unverified Product Write-Ins"

3. No Shipping and Free Shipping Options For Third-Party Warranties

In addition to customer shipping, you can now provide No Shipping and Free Shipping options for Third-Party Warranties.

Third-Party Warranty Barcodes

Third-Party Warranty barcodes on the packaging slip use Code 128 barcodes instead of Code 39.

Our barcodes for specific RMA items on the packaging slip are encoded with the line item ID from the order of the returned products. For a third-party warranty, we do not have a line item. To prevent overlap with existing id’s in the platform we generate a long identifier for each item of a third-party warranty.

Consequently, our barcodes become much larger and do not fit neatly on the packaging slip.

To address this issue we found a barcode format, code128 that would drastically reduce the size of the barcodes we generated for third-party warranty packaging slips.

Additional Notes: Both code128 and code39 are compatible with all modern barcode scanners.

The SKU on the packaging slip for product write-ins will be the product name provided by the shopper

Until a product write-in has been verified by the merchant, we do not know the specific product a shopper is starting a third-party warranty claim for, and therefore do not know a SKU. Instead of displaying nothing like an empty packaging slip, we elected to display the shopper's product name in their write-in.

4. Third-Party Warranty Review Page Customizations

You can now customize the language on the status page specifically for Third-Party Warranties.

How to Customize the Warranty Review Page:

  1. Go to the Customizations Page.

  2. Select the Return Center tab,

  3. Navigate to the "Third Party Summary Page".

API Features and Improvements

1. Product Endpoints and Order Endpoints

You can now integrate with platforms beyond Shopify!

2. Disposition Information in the API

The following disposition information will now be available through the API.

  1. Code

  2. Comment

  3. Restock Processed

  4. Restock Quantity

How It Works:

Disposition information will now be included in all endpoints that return RMA data. It can be found under rmaitems > disposition.

3. Flagging RMAs through the API

How It Works:

Developers will be able to flag RMA items using the Flag RMA endpoint under the RMA resource.

Note: RMAs flagged through our API will behave exactly like those that were flagged through our platform

We're here to help! Email us at or use the live chat inside the platform with any questions or feedback.

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