By setting up a ReturnLogic & Bergen Logistics integration, once a return is marked as "in-transit" or "delivered" by the shipping carrier, a return will be automatically generated in Bergen. Additionally, once Bergen has received the return, the return will be marked as "received" in ReturnLogic and let the shopper know it has been received.

Note: You will not be able to collect dispositions in Collector if you are integrated since the received status is collected automatically.

How to Set Up the Bergen Logistics Integration:

1. Contact your Bergen Logistics Account Manager and Request API Access. Your Account Manager should then give you the following information:

  • Web Address

  • Password

  • Username

  • Warehouse

2. Once you receive the above information from your Bergen Logistics Account Manager, navigate to your Integrations Settings in ReturnLogic.

3. Select "Add Integration". Then, choose 3PL as your integration and “Bergen Logistics” as the Integration Type.

4. You’ll now be asked for the Bergen Web Address, Password, and Username that you should have received from your Bergen Account Manager. Fill that out here.

5. Lastly, select your Bergen Warehouse from the dropdown list provided.

6. Click "save". Congrats! You've successfully set up your Bergen Logistics/ReturnLogic integration!

If you have any questions, contact ReturnLogic Support at support@returnlogic.com

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