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Third-Party Warranty Menu Options | 3.20.0
Third-Party Warranty Menu Options | 3.20.0

Learn more about Third-Party Warranty Menu options and additional features from Release 3.20.0

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Third-Party Warranty Menu Options

Third-Party Warranty Menu Options allow merchants to create specific menus based on the type of products they offer (Ex. Shirts, Pants, Watches). This makes it easier for the shopper to locate the product that they're trying to create a warranty for.

How to Setup Third Party Warranty Menu Options:

  1. Click "Create Menu Option".

  2. Add a "Code" and a "Name" (The name is what will display in the return center).

  3. Select one or more product categories.

  4. Click "Save".

How It Works in the Third Party Warranty Process:

  1. The shopper will select the Menu Option that they would like to choose from.

  2. The shopper will then choose the product they would like to return.

Exchange Tags

New exchange orders will now have the tag "Exchange" added to them.

How It Works:

When an exchange is processed in ReturnLogic, the tag "Exchange" will now be applied to the new order and draft order in Shopify. This makes it easier for merchants to determine if an exchange draft order/order was created from a return through ReturnLogic.

Developer Accounts and Test Mode

We have now added a developer account and test mode feature that will allow merchants and third-party developers to test our platform without getting billed for RMAs.

Developer Accounts vs Test Mode

A developer account is permanently in test mode. Developer mode should be used for third-party developers or merchants with in-house developers that want an account to test integrations and customizations.

On the other hand, newly created accounts will initially be created in “Test Mode”, which will allow merchants to test their new ReturnLogic account without being billed for the RMAs they create. Once the merchants want shoppers to start using their Return Center, they can elect to “go live” which will remove restraints imposed by test mode.

Note: Once an account goes live, it cannot go back into test mode.

How It Works:

  1. If no shipping integration is provided, we will generate test labels with a ReturnLogic Shippo account.

  2. You will not be billed for any RMAs you generated.

  3. You can delete RMAs that have been completed or processed.

  4. You cannot access the Return Center unless you're logged in.

Additional Order Endpoints

Through our API, we have added the ability to:

  1. Update an Order

  2. Update an Order Item

  3. Remove an Item from an Order

We're here to help! Email us at or use the live chat inside the platform with any questions or feedback.

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