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New Design and Workflow for Exchanges | 3.21.0
New Design and Workflow for Exchanges | 3.21.0

Learn about the new exchange design processes that we have added!

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Overview of Significant Changes

  • Major changes to the New Variant and Full Catalog Exchange workflow within the Return Center.

  • Changes to how Originate will handle Full Catalog and Variant Exchanges.

  • Major changes to the Originate workflow for creating, editing, and processing exchanges.

  • Changes made to the Items Selection pages within the Return Center may require updates to CSS or JavaScript.

A pre-recorded webinar can be found here: On-Demand Webinar

Article Overview

  1. Changes to the Return Center Workflow.

  2. Changes to the Exchange Workflow.

  3. Updating your Return Center.

  4. Changes to how we handle charging (or not) for Variant Exchanges.

  5. Changes to the Exchange Workflow in Originate.

Changes to the Return Center Workflow for All Return Types

Previously, when a shopper would select their return type, they would need to select Next (shown below).

Now, the workflow's next step will be initiated after selecting the return type (shown below).

Changes to the Exchange Workflow in the Return Center

After selecting an exchange, the shopper will choose whether they would like a Variant Exchange or Full Catalog Exchange.

Variant Exchange

If the shopper chooses New Variant they will then be prompted to select a variant immediately.

Full Catalog Exchange

If the shopper chooses Full Catalog Exchange, they will be transferred to the new Full Catalog window to select their product(s).

Merchants can set up Menu Options on the back end of ReturnLogic to give shoppers different product categories to help them search through the full catalog.

Shoppers will also find a search bar and cart icon to keep track of all of their items.

Updating Your Return Center

Depending on how much customization you’ve added to your return center you might need to update your CSS or Javascript.

For testing purposes, we recommend:

  1. Creating a test order in Shopify.

  2. Going through the Return Center as a shopper with this test return, checking that your code still works as intended.

    1. This update is focused on Exchanges – make sure to go through the portal with a Variant Exchange and with a Full Catalog Exchange, following the new workflows below (see below: Changes to the Exchange Workflow in the Return Center)

Changes to How We Handle Charging (or Not) for Variant Exchanges

Before this release, Variant Exchanges were classified as an Even Exchange, a 1:1, and shoppers were not automatically charged for any differences in the product costs. We have now implemented the option to charge for New Variant Exchanges.

If you don't choose to charge for Variant Exchanges, shoppers will never be charged for a Variant Exchange. For example, if a shopper exchanges variant A ($20) for variant B ($22), they would not be charged for the difference.

If you do choose to charge for New Variant Exchanges, shoppers will be charged the difference of the catalog price of the requested product less the price of the returned product ($22-$20 = $2).


A shopper initiates a return for product A. The products catalog is $20, but the shopper received a 50% discount so they paid $10. The shopper initiates a variant exchange for another variant with a catalog cost of $20. The shopper would be charged $10 for the variant exchange.

Setting up whether you want to charge for Variant Exchanges:

  1. Go to the policy page under your Originate settings.

  2. Decide whether you want to charge for variants under "Variant Exchange Charge".

Note: By default, all accounts will have Variant Exchange Charge set to No. Meaning that you won't charge for variants.

Changes to the Exchange Workflow in Originate

New Variant and Full Catalog Exchanges are now split in Originate so merchants can see if there are multiple return types in a single RMA.

Moving a Variant to Full Catalog Exchange:

  1. Click "Move to Full Catalog"

Note: The product associated with the variant will be moved to the requested items in the full catalog

Moving a Requested Item From Full Catalog Exchange to Variant Exchange:

  1. Click "Move to Variant".

  2. Select the return item that you'd like to move to a variant exchange.

We're here to help! Email us at or use the live chat inside the platform with any questions or feedback.

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