Keep in mind this article is to outline a typical WMS-ReturnLogic integration, but always feel free to adjust as needed to your specific needs.

Decide if you need a 1-way integration or a 2-way integration between the two software. Also, speak with your WMS contact on if their API also allows the below:

  1. 1-way integration: your ReturnLogic communicates to the WMS

    A return/RMA gets synced into your WMS. Decide at what point in the process you would like this information to be populated in your WMS. Also, decide if you'd like this information in real-time or transferred at specific intervals.

    Developer Notes:
    "GET RMAs" to retrieve a list of RMAs
    "GET Count RMAs" to get a parameter of RMAs (All RMAs)
    "GET RMA" to retrieve a specific RMA

    When would you like this to occur? Use the "workflowStatus" to pinpoint when you would like this to happen in the process.

    For example:

    One retailer may decide to have the RMAs sync upon creation because they may not provide return shipping labels/tracking to all returns, but they still want to catch the RMAs/returns in their WMS.

    A retailer who always provides a return shipping label/tracking to all RMAs/returns may prefer the return to be synced upon "in-transit" status to know if the shopper has actually taken action on the return.

  2. 2-way integration: your WMS communicates to ReturnLogic (Check with your WMS if the API allows this)

    Typically, retailers would like to know when the product has been received to decide whether to process the return or not. So, the retailer will want to sync the "received" status with ReturnLogic.

    Developer Notes:
    "PUT Fulfill RMA" to update the RMA to "receive"

    In addition, you can also send "dispositions" from your WMS into ReturnLogic (Check with your WMS if their API allows this). This gives the retailer additional knowledge of the condition of the product or where it's going.

    Contact us about existing WMS integrations at or your account executive.

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