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Learn more about printerless returns and additional features from Release 3.25.0

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What is it?

We’ve partnered with EasyPost to provide your shoppers with the option of printerless labels.

Rather than printing a label at home and affixing it to a package, your customer has the ability to walk into any USPS location, display a QR code on their mobile device, and have the carrier scan, print out, and apply a label to the package for shipment.

Why it Matters:

First and foremost, printerless returns eliminate the need for your shopper to have access to a printer. Many people in their early 40s and younger don’t have printers in their homes and have no intention of buying one.

Printing labels at home can create a longer and often more expensive returns process for the shopper, decreasing the convenience of the return.

Printerless returns reduce the amount of paper printed, helping you and customers support sustainable business practices.

How it works:

There are two different workflows associated with printerless returns that we will cover below. Printerless returns apply to all warranty types, including third-party warranties.

Would you rather do an interactive walkthrough within ReturnLogic? Click Here to take the product walkthrough tour!

How to Enable Printerless Returns in Your ReturnLogic Account:

You will need to take two steps to ensure you can start taking advantage of the printerless returns feature.

  1. The first step, is to modify the “RMA Success” and “Shipping Information” email templates to include the QR code. Once you locate the shopper email templates mentioned above, copy and paste the code below into the body of the email template. Once these are saved, your shopper will receive the QR code in these emails.

    <p> [Insert instructions for QR code scanning] Example: For printerless option, please show the following QR code to be scanned at your local USPS. <strong>This label can be used until {{rmaExpirationDate}}.</strong></p>   
    <p style="text-align: center;"><img src="{{qrCodeUrl}}" alt="qr code image"></p>

    Note: If you skip this step, your shopper will not see the QR code via email and will only be able to access it via the Summary Page, assuming you have automatic authorization enabled. If you do not, the shopper will never see the QR code unless they return to the summary page & refresh the screen after receiving the RMA success email.

    1. (Optional) The next part of the first step, is to navigate to the Customize tab and then go to the “Summary Page” customizations in the carousel. Here, you will be able to change the default instructions your shopper will see on the Summary Page.

      Note: The default is set to what USPS directly suggests. We do not recommend changing this text at this time, but you can if you would like.

  2. The second step, is to enable printerless returns. To do this, you will need to navigate to the Integrations page and select edit on the EasyPost integration. Then scroll down to the bottom where you can Enable or Disable the printerless returns feature. If you do not have an EasyPost integration already, you will need to create an EasyPost account prior to completing this step.

Not sure how to add USPS as a carrier? Click Here.

How Will Printerless Returns Work for My Shoppers?

Your shoppers will see a QR code on the summary page upon the completion of requesting a return. The shopper will have two different actions on the summary page.

  1. The first is to click on the QR code itself, which will result in a new tab opening with an enlarged image of the QR code for easy scanning.

  2. The second is to send themselves a copy of the QR code via email. When your shopper clicks the "Email QR Code" link, the “Shipping Information” email template will be sent.

    Note: ReturnLogic will automatically send the QR code and the PDF attachment with the packing slip and return label. This way, the shopper can choose whichever option is most convenient for them. If you do not have automatic authorization workflows set up, your shopper will see this summary page, notably, without the QR code.


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