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Multiple Photo Uploads | 3.25.4
Multiple Photo Uploads | 3.25.4

Learn more about multiple photo upload capabilities and additional features from Release 3.25.4

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Article Overview:

User Permission Changes:

What is it?

We've made a few changes to user permissions in this release. They are outlined below:

  1. All user permissions will now be enforced on the backend.

    1. The only group of people who would be affected by this are Account Administrators because previously, even though their permissions may have been set to lower levels in other areas of our platform, as an account admin, you still had admin access to the entire platform.

      Note: To ensure there are no changes in behavior for the Account Administrators, we have updated all of their permissions to be set to the “Admin” level.

  2. You can now choose the “User” Role under Account Permissions

  3. Account Admins can now change their own permission settings

How It works:

There will only be two different user-facing differences that you will experience.

  1. Account Admins will now be able to change their own permissions.

  2. Account Admins now can set users to have the “User Role” under Account Permissions.

    1. A user with this permission level will have the ability to: View Home Page, Edit Your Profile, View Reports (Shipping and RMA Items not Usage Reports). The user will not have access to the “Account” page nor will it be visible in the drop down.

Multiple Photo Uploads:

What is it?

Shoppers will now be able to upload multiple photos through the Returns Center and through certain parts of Originate. Whether the shopper is uploading a photo for a third-party warranty claim or another return type, the shopper will be able to upload up to five photos.

How it Works:

  1. The shopper will be able to select up to five photos when attaching images. These images will be displayed in a carousel manner to the shopper so the shopper can click through and see what images they have uploaded. If the shopper clicks on one of the images, the image will be enlarged for better viewing.

  2. You will be able to rotate through and view the attached images the shopper uploaded on the RMA Details Page.

    UI Accessibility:

    What is it?

    There are minor changes to the UI in both the Return Center and in Originate.

    How it Works:

    The majority of the work being done for ADA Compliance are changes to the components themselves and how they are built. Thus, most of us will not notice any changes in the UI. Those shoppers with screen readers who are trying to make a return through the return center though, will over time, notice that the screen reader is able to more easily navigate our Return Center and therefore better assist the Shopper through the returns process.

We're here to help! Email us at or use the live chat inside the platform with any questions or feedback.

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