If this is a test return, you can either choose to upload a label manually (you can upload a random image and enter mock data), or create a new test order and return after you've finished setting up the integration. You can also retry the label after having solved the issue.

If this is a customer's return, you can also create a label manually for that customer's order. This can be done in a few steps. Just go to your preferred carrier's website, and follow the steps there. You can also get an example from this other article.

If you've already set up your carrier integration and it is active, please see this article.

Now, we'll set up your carrier integration. We currently offer four integrations - Shippo, Canada Post, EasyPost, and ShipStation.

  • With Shippo, you will be charged only for the labels you need generated, and they add a nominal fee of $0.05 per label. For US merchants, you will have access to USPS Pricing Plus, which is the best rate on the market, as well as scan-based return labels with FedEx, UPS and USPS. This integration also allows you the most flexibility. Here is a list of the carriers they support.
  • With EasyPost, you will be charged only for the labels you need generated, and they add a nominal fee of $0.03 per label. For US merchants, you will have access to USPS Pricing Plus, which is the best rate on the market. Here is a list of all the carriers they support (please note it seems like this list has not been updated, if you need to double-check for a specific carrier you can reach out to EasyPost at support@easypost.com).
  • If you decide to go with ShipStation, they offer subscriptions, click here for their pricing plans. Here is a list of all the carriers they support. We highly recommend using EasyPost if you do not already have a ShipStation account. Also please note we cannot guarantee that the FedEx <> ShipStation <> Return Magic integration will work 100% of the time because of technical requirements of those three different platforms.
  • If you are a Canadian merchant, you have access to our direct Canada Post integration which allows you to generate scan-based return labels regardless of the type of account you have. Please note the setup is a tiny bit slow :)

Note that Return Magic does not add any fees to the labels. If you need more details on carrier integration, please refer to this article.

Step 1: Create your account

Once you chosen which integration you'd like to use, please create an account with them.
Shippo | EasyPost | ShipStation | Canada Post

Step 2: Set up your billing information and carrier account

Please enter your billing information...
Shippo | EasyPost | ShipStation

... and set up your preferred carrier account.
Shippo | EasyPost | ShipStation

Step 3: Let's set it up inside of Return Magic!

Log into Return Magic. You can then click on Settings  > Carrier Integrations . Click on either the Canada Post, Shippo, EasyPost or ShipStation integration guides.
All will ask you to go copy-paste API keys inside of Return Magic. Don't worry! This is fairly easy - just click on the link, and copy the two API keys. Please pay attention to not switching the two keys, and to copying numbers and letters, and not just stars *** !

The ShipStation and Shippo integrations require extra steps to set up.

You just need to choose the carrier you want to use to generate labels and what kind of packages.

You will need to choose if you want the system to select the cheapest or best value (combination of cheapest and fastest service) automatically, or if you want to select a carrier. Then, you'll be able to choose to automatically select the cheapest service or set a service for all your shipments.

For EasyPost, the system automatically chooses the best account to use if you have more than one carrier set up (i.e. cheapest labels or correct carrier per country).

Then, click on "Next", and the integration should be active! This is shown by a green "Active" logo.

If you get an error when clicking on "Next", please refresh your browser and clear your cache, this should solve any problems.

Useful information

Please know that for any return label that remains unused, be it because you were testing the app or because a customer just never shipped the product back, our system automatically requests refunds after 30 days and you will get credited in your provider account within 15-30 days.
This also allows for a limit to the time a customer can take to ship back the product, making it easier for you to track packages.
You can modify your Package Settings  under Settings 

If you have any questions, concerns, or requests, feel free to contact us at support@returnmagic.com. We value your feedback and look forward to hearing from you!

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