Before you Begin

Start Gathering Data

  • We highly recommend advertisers to begin with a Brand or Topic test boost to begin to gather conversion data. Not only will this give the algorithm learning data for your specific offer, it will allow you to test your creatives and determine what image/headline combo works for you. You will want to use your best-performing creatives in your Auto Boost. Utilize a topic boost with the Tier 1 Whitelist in place, or a brand boost for testing.  Learn more about our Optimization Templates here.  

Setting Up Auto Boosts

  • Break Out Different CPA Goals
    We recommend breaking out different CPA goals into different Auto Boosts. For example, if your CPA is lower for mobile than desktop, separating into different boosts will allow the algorithm to optimize individually towards their respective benchmarks
  • Budgeting
    Budgeting varies based on your CPA goals.CPA Goals Under $50 - $500 minimum budget.CPA Goals Over $50 - $1,000+ minimum budget. 
  • Create Conversion Pixels with Accurate CPA Goal
    It is important for your CPA goal to be accurate to ensure your Auto Boost gets enough data to properly optimize. 
  • Enter Typical Conversion Rate
    Enter your typical conversion rate in decimal format. It is imperative that this conversion rate is accurate for your Autoboost to optimize appropriately.
    Ex. 10% conversion rate - enter 0.10
  • Placing Your Conversion Pixel
    To accurately track and optimize your Auto Boost, your conversion pixel MUST be placed on the page that you consider a user successfully converted. Example: your thank you page. 
  • No Manual Optimization
    When starting an Auto Boost campaign, do not create any manual optimization or implement templates through the Widget Optimizer.


When looking to scale your Auto Boost campaign, keep in mind that your conversion rate and CTR are just as important in getting traffic to your offer as your CPA goal is. Don’t become complacent. You should constantly be optimizing your entire funnel to convert the highest percentage of users possible. Always be updating and optimizing!

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