Please contact your rep if you are an Editorial advertiser that wants to get started running Autoboost.

Before You Begin

Data Required

  • Arbitrage advertisers will need to provide their rep specific information to properly set up their Autoboost campaigns. Advertisers will need to know at what point in their funnel they are profitable and the amount they earn when viewers reach that point.
  • Conversion rate will also need to be provided by the advertiser. It is imperative that this data is accurate in order for Autoboosts to be a successful strategy.
  • Provide Your Rep: CPA Goal and Conversion Rate

Setting Up Autoboosts

  • Break Out Different Devices
    In order for Autoboosts to optimize by device, campaigns will need to be broken out into separate boosts for desktop, tablet & mobile.
    Example of breakout by device: Boost targeting mobile traffic with a $0.10 CPA Goal. Conversion pixel is placed on page 10 of the gallery.
    Boost targeting desktop traffic with a $0.20 CPA Goal. Conversion pixel is placed on page 12 of the gallery.
  • Budget
    Budgeting varies based on CPA goals.
    CPA Goals Under $50: $500 minimum budget.
    CPA Goals Over $50: $1,000+ minimum budget. 
  • Create Conversion Pixels with Accurate CPA Goals
    It is important for CPA goals to be accurate to ensure Autoboosts get enough data to properly optimize. 
  • Enter Typical Conversion Rate
    Enter your typical conversion rate in decimal format. It is imperative that this conversion rate is accurate for your Autoboost to optimize appropriately.
    Ex. 10% conversion rate - enter 0.10
  • Place Conversion Pixel
    To accurately track and optimize an Autoboost, the conversion pixel MUST be placed on the page where a user is considered to be converted. Example: Page 10 of a gallery.
  • Add New Content
    It is extremely important for arbitrage advertisers to continually add new content and create new Autoboost campaigns.


When looking to scale your Autoboost campaign, keep in mind that your conversion rate and CTR are just as important in getting traffic to your offer as your CPA goal is. Don’t become complacent. You should constantly be optimizing your entire funnel to convert the highest percentage of users possible. Always be updating and optimizing!

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