Please contact your rep to ensure you have access to the Revcontent API.
 Revcontent Advertiser API:
 Revcontent Publisher API:
 Revcontent API Widgets:
 Advertiser API
 Advertisers can use the API to do the following:

  • Update boost status
  • Get performance statistics for all boosts/a specific boost
  • Add boost
  • Update boost settings
  • Get widget stats
  • Get boosts' current content and statistics for a given time period
  • Add boost content
  • Update boost content
  • Pull a list of topic targets
  • Pull a list of brand targets
  • Get a list of country codes
  • Get a list of supported languages
  • Get a list of supported devices
  • Get a boost's current targets and statistics for a given time period
  • Add and update boost targeting
  • Get a list of the widget ids in a boost's widget optimizer
  • Update widget optimizer type to blacklist
  • Add/remove a widget to the widget optimizer

Publisher API
Publishers can use the API to do the following:

  • Get a list of all widgets within an account
  • Get Sub ID stats by Widget

Revcontent API Widgets

  • Revcontent offers a number of innovative API widgets for publishers to use to generate revenue on their sites.
  • Publishers with a background in API can gain access to the Revcontent API to create custom placements for their site(s). This method allows publishers to pull in headlines, images, display urls, and landing pages of Revcontent campaigns and implement them natively on their site. Tracking for these widgets will be found within the Revcontent UI.
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