To access your API Credentials, begin by selecting Account Settings in the drop down menu on your dashboard.

Adding Sub ID to an API Widget[KEY]=VALUE&api_key=3eeb00d786e9a77bbd630595ae0be7e9aa7aff3b&pub_id=ABC&widget_id=1234&

Directly before “&api_key=” add the following code: revsub[KEY]=VALUE and enter your key and value

Sub ID Implementation Best Practices

  • The Sub ID values should be URL-encoded into valid ASCII format, to ensure that you do not break the URL
  • You can add multiple values to the revsub array
  • Ex. “revsub[KEY1]=VALUE1&revsub[KEY2]=VALUE2”
  • Because of URL length limitations in IE 8 and less, strive to keep your revsub array as short as possible
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