Set it and forget it with Revcontent’s new Auto Boost type. Using your CPA goal, Revcontent’s Autoboost algorithm will automatically target and calculate bids for placements on widgets that will keep your boost profitable. As you serve on our network, our algorithm learns how YOUR content performs, and adapts your targeting automatically.

You are still in complete control of your boost targeting options while using an Auto Boost. Control your Geo/Region, Device, and Language Targeting just like before from the Boost Settings page.

When launching an Auto Boost campaign, it is imperative that the accurate CPA value is set up for the conversion pixel, and the pixel is placed on the proper conversion page.

Ready to get started? Hit up your rep to have Auto Boost capability enabled for your account.

Creating an Autoboost

Campaign Type: Select Auto to create an Auto Boost

Boost Name
: Create a name for your new boost (It’s important to name it clearly so it is easy to find each campaign once you have multiple campaigns running.
Ex. US - Skin - Mob - iOS, Celeb Spouses - US - Desktop

Budget Amount
: Select your budgeting preference

Conversion Pixel: Conversion Pixels are required for Auto Boosts. Select a previously created conversion pixel from the drop down list, or create a new pixel by selecting +Create Conversion Pixel

+Create Conversion Pixel

Enter a name to track your boost conversions and enter your CPA goal.
You will need to place the code generated on your site wherever you want the pixel to fire.

Typical Conversion Rate
Enter your typical conversion rate in decimal format. It is imperative that this conversion rate is accurate for your Autoboost to optimize appropriately.
Ex. 10% conversion rate - enter 0.10

Brand Logo
Revcontent automatically detects a brand logo using your creative destination URL favicon. Alternatively, if you do not have a favicon or you would prefer, upload your own brand image to be used in conjunction with you content on widgets with Brand Logo enabled on them. 

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