The Device Targeting feature in your Boost Settings, allows you to target traffic based on user device. If you choose to target mobile or tablet devices, you are also able to target your audience based on the user’s operating system. You can choose from iOS, Android, and Windows. You have the ability to choose one, two, or all three operating systems. This feature allows you to target mobile users at the most granular level.

Device Targeting Options

Under Device Targeting in Boost Settings, choose the device(s) you would like your boost to target. You are able to select: Desktop, Mobile, Tablet, or All Devices.

*NOTE*: We highly suggest you target one device per boost. 

If you would like to target both desktop and mobile traffic, we suggest you create two separate boosts to avoid discrepancies in tracking. 

For Mobile and Tablet, you are able to choose one or multiple Operating Systems.

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