How S2S Tracking Works & the Benefits:

Unlike pixel tracking, S2S tracking, (also known as cookie-less tracking and post-back URL tracking), does not require any modifications to an Advertiser’s site or landing page code. Whenever a unique click to a campaign occurs, instead of using a cookie, Revcontent appends a unique ID (uuid) to the Advertiser’s destination URL, which is stored server-side. Once a successful conversion occurs, the unique ID (uuid), along with any conversion events, are sent back to Revcontent from the Advertiser’s server by way of post-back, and are matched to the user.

S2S is especially useful for mobile app tracking, where limitations with cookie placements are likely to exist. Additional benefits over standard pixel tracking include: greater reporting accuracy, increased security, and more opportunities for optimization.

S2S Tracking Request Structure: 

Supported Methods: POST & GET
Required Parameters:

  • api_key - your api access key
  • uuid - unique ID identifying the user who initiated the click
  • amount - value of each unique conversion

Optional Parameters:

  • user_ip - IP address of the user that initiated the click
  • user_agent - user agent string of the user that initiated the click


With S2S conversions enabled your landing page URL will look like this:

Your call to track conversions from that page will look like this:

Getting Started:

The use of Revcontent’s S2S conversion tracking requires three parameters: an API Key, UUID, and a conversion amount. If any of the three values are not provided, the call will not work.

Setting Up Your Post-back:

Step One: Grab your API key, which can be found inside your account settings in the Widget API Key section. Click here to go to your account settings now. 

Step Two: Add in the parameter uuid={rc_uuid}. The {rc_uuid} will automatically append a unique ID to each user who clicks and must be maintained throughout the funnel to track properly.

Step Three: Set the amount of your conversion. This needs to be a monetary value using a decimal point. 


If your post-back is responding as invalid, ensure all three parameters are being passed.

  1. Don’t skip the amount!
  2. Double-check your API key is correct
  3. Did you manually add in a value for the {rc_uuid}? If so remove it, as this field will automatically be appended with a unique value upon a click.

Not receiving the rc_uuid value? 

  1. If you’re using tracking URLs or redirects, please ensure you’re forwarding all parameters thru your tracker

If you have double-checked all of the above and are still experiencing difficulties, please reach out to your account rep or to troubleshoot your account further.

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