In the Targeting tab of your selected boosts, you are able to modify your targeting options and bids for specific channels. Manage channels by toggling the On/Off switch. To modify a bid by channel, simply update the Max CPC Bid $ Column and click the green check mark.

You can also mass update multiple topic channels at the same time by clicking the check boxes on the right.

When you setup your campaign you can come to this tab to turn any topic you would like on or off simply by clicking the button on the right side of the page

We recommend that you not target both Push and Native placements in the same campaign. As such in your Native campaign we suggest turning the push topic off. For more information related to push traffic please check out of Best Practices FAQ

Once your campaign begins running you will want to adjust your bids on the widget tab. Please check out our FAQ regarding Bid by Widget by clicking here.

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