Boost Name: Create a name for your new boost (It’s important to name it clearly so it is easy to find each campaign once you have multiple campaigns running. 

  • Ex. Geo - Vertical - device - targeting specific
    US - Skin - Mob - iOS
    Celeb Spouses - US - Desktop

*We advise boosts are set up to target one device, one geo, and one language at a time. Different GEOs and devices call for different bids, therefore breaking these out will allow you to optimize effectively, and will also help reduce tracking discrepancies.*

Bid Type:

  • Cost Per Click (CPC) - A pricing model where you are billed per click on your headline/image within Revcontent widgets. This model is effective for increasing engagement to your landing page.

Bid Amount:  Bid amount should be determined based on your targeting options and vertical. 

Budget: The minimum daily budget for boosts is $100 per day. When you reach your daily budget your Boost will no longer serve on the network, unless a user clicks or views your content that was served prior to reaching your Daily Budget Amount.

Brand Logo: Revcontent automatically detects a brand logo using your creative destination URL favicon. Alternatively, if you do not have a favicon or you would prefer, upload your own brand image to be used in conjunction with you content on widgets with Brand Logo enabled on them.

Engagement vs. CPA ROI

Direct Response Advertisers should ALWAYS place a conversion pixel on the last page of your sales funnel.

  • Tracking conversions will help your business measure the ROI of your Revcontent boosts by reporting on the actions taken by people after they’ve clicked your ad.
  • You can use conversion data to optimize your campaigns and determine where you want to adjust bids, setup widget optimization and test alternative bid types.

Choose CPA ROI if you want to track conversions or sales on a direct response boost. Enter a name to track your boost conversions and enter your CPA goal. You will need to place the code generated on your site wherever you want the pixel to fire.

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