To help advertisers optimize their campaigns, we have added the ability to adjust CPC bids at the individual widget level.

If you notice a specific widget or set of widgets is performing better than others, and you want additional inventory, you are now able to adjust the bid amount for those widgets individually, instead of across an entire topic, or brand. Additionally, if you have a widget or set of widgets that aren’t performing as well, you are able to lower the bid for those widgets to keep your content from appearing unless it is at a CPC that works for your goals.

Step 1 - Navigate to the 'Campaign Boosts' section of the UI

Step 2 - Select the boost you wish to update bids/targeting for

Step 3 - Click the 'Widget Targeting' tab

Step 4 - Select the widgets that you want to adjust the bid for

Step 5 - Adjust the bid amount. 

You can adjust multiple bids by selecting the widget IDs and using the box at the top of the page to set a bid across your selection. 

You are also able to toggle 'on' or 'off' individual widgets, which will add them to either your master blacklist or your whitelist until you undo the change.

Step 6 - Remember to hit the checkbox to save your changes.

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