In order to utilize Revcontent’s API, you must have 3rd party API software. We recommend Postman which is completely free, and will be the software used in the following guide.

Getting Started:
To begin, please ensure you’ve made your account representative aware you’d like to use our API so they can enable the appropriate settings. You can confirm your account is ready to start using Revcontent’s API by locating your credentials in the next step.

Locating Your API Credentials:
When logged into your account, go to your Account Settings. You should see your client_id and client_secret at the bottom of the page under “Stats API Credentials”. Now you’re ready to generate an access token and start utilizing Revcontent’s API calls, which can all be found here in our API documentation.

Get Your Access Token:
Open Postman and click the "+ New Collection" button.

Use a POST call with the URL pulled from the API documentation: (

Under “Authorization” set the Type to “No Auth”

Navigate to the “Headers” tab and specify the following:

  • Key: Content-type
  • Value: application/x-www-form-urlencoded

Navigate to the “Body” tab and specify the following:
Change radio button “x-www-form-urlencoded”

  • Key1: grant_type
  • Value1: client_credentials
  • Key2: client_id
  • Value2: Enter the client_id found within your Account Settings
  • Key3: client_secret
  • Value3: Enter the client_secret found within your Account Settings

Save the request to your new collection
Click on “Send”

You will now see your access token within the response body. Copy and save it. This access token will be valid for 24 hours.

You’re now ready and able to start utilizing all of the API calls associated with your account type:

Making Your First API Call:
From within the Revcontent API documentation, navigate to the API call you’d like to use. Once you’ve selected your call, go back to Postman and click on the + sign to open a new tab

Depending on the call you’ve selected, specify either GET or POST
Enter the URL endpoint of the call you’ve selected
Click the “Params” button to enable a drop down.

Enter the appropriate “Keys” and “Values” which are provided within the Revcontent API documentation in the Body and/or Parameter section of the call you’ve selected

Navigate to the “Headers” tab and specify the following:

  • Key1: Authorization
  • Value1: Bearer {access token} (Paste in the Access Token you created earlier in the “Get Your Access Token” section)
  • Key2: Content-type
  • Value2: application/json

Save everything to your new collection
Click “Send”

Within the “Body” section, you should now see a response based on the call and parameters you specified above. For examples of successful responses you can anticipate for each request, please refer to the Revcontent API Documentation.

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