This tool should not be used in tandem with server to server (S2S) conversion tracking

To use this tool you will want to navigate to your campaign settings tab and create or add a conversion pixel. This is also the first page you are brought to when creating a new campaign.

Click the "+Create Conversion Pixel" button giving you the ability to name your pixel and specify its value.

Once you click "Create Conversion Pixel" you will get an HTML string which should be placed between the opening and closing body tags (<body></body>) of the conversion pageĀ 

Once you have copied this code click the "All Set, Close This Form" button

Note: the code is encrypted so each time you open the pixel, a new code will appear, however, it will still function in the same manner.

Also Note: It is best practice to ensure you are naming your pixels with unique designators as the system will allow you to use the same name and value more than once.

Tracking Multiple Conversion Events:

In order to track multiple events, simply repeat the same steps above creating additional pixels for each conversion event throughout your campaign's funnel.

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