With Revcontent’s debut of Multiple Event Conversion Tracking, you’ll be able to easily see which ads, campaigns, and content played a role in getting your customer to convert. 

With Multiple Event Conversion Tracking, you can…

  • Make more intelligent buying decisions
  • Track and nurture your more qualified, warm buyers
  • Create separate tracking pixels for important events like lead sign up, initial purchase, upsell, etc. 

Create multiple pixels to track different events along your sales funnel. Different events along your funnel increase the value of the user the farther along and more qualified they become. Finally, measure your various conversion events to clearly see best performing ads, content, and campaigns. 


This is a major development for brand advertisers and affiliates who want to optimize for different events like purchases, leads, upsells, etc.

More granularity and transparency allows brands and affiliates to double down on the traffic that converts and pump the breaks on traffic that doesn’t.


Content Publishers can also use Multiple Event Tracking to pixel different slides in a gallery, allowing for dynamic targeting and acquisition of those distinct reader cohorts. You’ll be able to track users who make it farther along in your content funnel and assign different monetary values for different points. 


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