To use this tool you will want to navigate to your campaigns settings tab and select Optimize for CPA ROI. This is also the first page you are brought to when creating a new campaign.

Then Click the +Create Conversion Pixel Button giving you the ability to name your pixel and set the conversion value for it.

Once you click the Create Conversion Pixel you will get your HTML string that should be placed between the <body> and <body> in the website where you want the conversion to track.

Once you have copied this code click the All Set, Close This Form button and you can then duplicate these steps as many times as needed to cover the entirety of your campaign's funnel. 

Please Note: It is best practice to ensure you are naming your pixels with unique designators as the system will allow you to use the same name and value more than once.

For any additional instructions on how to setup Conversion Tracking Click Here

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